Electronic music – atm and forever

Hey peps, just a little update on what kind of electronic music I’m listening to atm. And i can only recommend you to do the same!

Named after the most famous park in Amsterdam, if you believe google. The music is a sweet and dreamy combination of lounge and electronica, and the word ‘chill’ hits right on, if you have to describe it. I’ve fallen in love with the track ‘Camels‘ but ‘Jetlag Blue‘ and ‘Backflip (In the sauna)‘ are also amazing! I think, that you can call them a ‘James-Blake-without-the-bass-and-with-a-bit-urban/grunge’.
If you want to read more about them, check out these interviews with the band: from The Guardian and from Loud and Quiet

One of my all time favorite artist. I’m one of the persons who finds his music impossible to describe but it’s always a pure pleasure and splendid experience to listen to his music. Since his breakthrough ‘Limit to your love’ (which actually is a cover version of Feist’s song) I’ve followed him. From his older and more deep tracks  like ‘CMYK’ and ‘Klavierwerke’, to his new tracks ‘Retrograde’, which I conpletely fell in love with after having listened to it on a live stream from a concert in a giant church, and the most recent ‘Digital Lion’. The two last mentioned songs are from his new album ‘Overgrown’ that will be released in April (which I’m of course looking forward to!).


I’ve fallen in love with almost every single one of their songs, and I can only recommend you to listen to their album ‘An Awesome Wawe’. It’s a perfect cocktail of electronic, a spacey voice and some reaaally lovely beats. And if you have a minute or five, go check out the videos for their music – they are incredible! If you’re more sceptic, please just take your time to listen to ‘Matilda’, ‘Leon’ and my absolute favorite tracks from Alt-J ‘Fitzpleasure’ and ‘Breezeblocks’. And then there is ‘Tessellate’ – amazing track, and AMAZING video. Even though you don’t like the music, just watch the video, it’s so goooood!

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