The place beyond the pines

Yesterday I went to the cinema to watch ‘The place beyond the pines’, and it was astonishing! I really loved everything about it – the music, the actors, the story, the way it was made. Some of the actors were Ryan Gosling (‘The notebook’, ‘Drive’) and Bradley Cooper (‘Silver Linning Playbook’) and the music were among others made by Bon Iver/Justin Vernon. The film is about a young man who makes a woman pregnant. He doesn’t know before her mother tells him, and then he wants to fullfill his job as a father. But he hasn’t got a job or any money, so he starts to rob banks. Unfortunately I can’t tell you anymore about it, but there is so much more in this movie, than I can tell you in this small review. But I will not ruin the movie, but I can only recommend you to watch it! It’s one of those movies where you are affected of it days after you’ve watched it. So please do yoursel a favor – go to a cinema near you and wathc it as soon as possible!

PS – there are some young actors in the movie, who is really good at what they’re doing.. just saying! (see the pictures below)


More information about this amazing movie 

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